Redpanda Compress Now Supports More Video Formats

RedpandaCompress has already assisted 20,000 unique users in successfully compressing videos for free! We are dedicated to providing free service to assist more individuals, and as a result, we keep a close eye on the issues our users encounter while using our tool. There are two primary issues:

  1. Files larger than 2GB are not supported.
  2. Videos in various formats or codecs are not well supported.

Transcoding files larger than 2GB in the browser is quite challenging for the following reasons:

  1. File access is limited in the browser on the computer. To compress a video in the browser, the entire video must be loaded into memory, necessitating a computer with a very large memory.
  2. Chrome, the most commonly used browser, does not support files larger than 2GB in memory due to the ArrayBuffer Limitation. Reference
  3. Although Firefox and Safari support handling files larger than 2GB, I personally tried it and had a terrible experience: compression was slow, and the browser behaved differently depending on the hardware.

However, we can now support more formats!

After some rigorous development, Redpandacompress now supports all major video formats on the market, including: mp4, webm, avi, mov, mkv, and wmv. We will continue to improve our service to assist more people. If you have any additional feature requests, please do not hesitate to contact us at Thank you!


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